Products That Work For You At Work.

On Site Therapy Provides Effective Ergonomic and Fatigue Management Solutions.

Forearm Power Sleeve

Designed to provide ease of wear and use in performing demanding work while providing the benefit of compression to the forearm muscles.

OST Performance Socks

Our socks are optimum in the industrial work environment with the cushioned cotton copper sole keeps your legs feeling strong and dry.

Why On Site Therapy?

On Site Therapy’s product solutions are above & beyond simple ergonomics. Let us help you provide both immediate and long term health benefits for each worker. Our industry-specific approach and expertise will help maintain a healthier and productive workforce.

OST™ Compression Wear

Cost effective product solutions designed to:

  • Reduce Workplace Injuries
  • Provide Fatigue Management
  • Improve Productivity
  • Enhance Health & Wellness

On Site Services

Every business strives to operate with efficiency, and likewise every worker must do the same. The cause of many workplace injuries is simple — we are expecting the same muscle groups to be used repeatedly with no solution for Fatigue Management.