OST Power Arm Sleeves


Compression Arm Sleeves Designed to Work AT Work

Available in Forearm and Full Length styles our Power Arm sleeves are designed for comfort, ease of use, and performance of upper extremity physical demands at work. Daily use of sleeves may improve muscle efficiency and performance through circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. Other benefits may include decreased risk of repetitive strain injuries, improved recovery times, and improved coordination.

On Site Therapy’s (OST) Power Arm Sleeves utilize our own custom gradient compression levels designed specifically for daily wear at work. Manufactured from a blend of spandex, nylon, and moisture wicking polyester fibers, the sleeves are further enhanced with antimicrobial and antibacterial copper thread. Available in 5 sizes in both the Forearm and Full Arm, over the elbow, styles (sold in pairs).


The Forearm Power Sleeve is designed to provide ease of wear and use in performing work demands with frequent reaching, grasping, fingering, and handling while providing the benefit of compression to the forearm muscles. The sleeves are affordable, come in 5 size options, and are machine washable.

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Putting on & Taking off OST ™ Forearm Power Arm Sleeves

Arm Measuring Tips for OST™ Sleeves


The Full Arm Power sleeve is designed with a groundbreaking relief stitch pattern over the elbow allowing increased freedom in performing repetitive movements while maintaining the benefits of compression and support. This design is appropriate for physical work demands requiring full arm movements that utilize the shoulder, arm, and forearm muscles when pushing, pulling, lifting, or repetitive handling.

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Putting on & Taking off OST™ Full Arm Sleeves

Arm Measuring Tips for OST™ Sleeves

Emerging Use of Compression Wear

The emerging use of compression wear has witnessed decades of validated use in the medical field, recent increased visibility within both amateur & professional sports, and now On Site Therapy® is proud to present the industry’s first line of Occupational Compression...

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Special Report – The Cost of Repetitive Strain Injuries

According to the U.S. Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in addition to spending $20 billion annually on workers’ compensation costs due to Repetitive Strain Injuries, the U.S. spends another $100 billion on lost productivity, employee turnover, and other indirect expenses.

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Onsite Therapy Power Arm Sleeves

All of our OST products are made in the USA.
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