Education and Training

Fitter Training

Fitter training is designed to help provide Safety, Occupational Health Nurses, Ergonomists, and other on site injury prevention professionals a better understanding of the use of compression wear in the workplace. Conducted online (est. 30-minute duration), or in-person training, available for some corporate accounts, course content will include product design, understanding gradient compression, how to measure, size selection, and how to provide the best product fit.

Occupational Lymphatics

We are pleased to offer employers proactive risk management solutions that have proven effectiveness. Our team of professionals combines years of experience in occupational medicine services, rehabilitation, ergonomics and human resources.
Our goal is to help reduce costs associated with workplace injuries, improve productivity, improve outcomes for Return To Work, educate & assist employees in their work environment, and provide cost effective health solutions.

Fatigue Management Seminars

On Site Therapy provides Fatigue Management Consultation and Seminars appropriate for those professionals tasked with addressing Safety, Production, Efficiency, and Health & Wellness initiatives. Our approach combines Lean Principles via our delivery of ergonomics with application of the emerging field of Occupational Lymphatics.

Ergonomic Seminars

On Site Therapy offers interactive and practical ergonomics training for all levels of experience. The lecture will teach attendees how to minimize their ergonomic health risks through proper ergonomic positioning, stretching, and techniques for work and at home. In addition, simple techniques for enhancing the ergonomics of their workstations ‘within their control’ will be emphasized.

Train the Trainer

This information-packed workshop is designed to help you establish and maintain a successful office ergonomics initiative. From understanding the basics of ergonomics, to recognizing and mitigating ergonomics risk, this session will provide you with practical, easy-to-apply methods that work.

what is the Lymphatic System?

Every 3 minutes your body circulates about 5.6 liters (6 quarts) of blood throughout your body. The transport of blood is performed via your Cardiovascular System. This system is comprised of your heart, otherwise known as “the pump”, and a network of arteries (Arterial System) carrying oxygen & nutrient rich blood to feed muscles and organs. Following the body’s use of the blood it must return to your heart and this is completed through vessels known as veins, these return pathways comprise your Venous System.

Rising in notoriety is another system within your body, the Lymphatic System. Each day medical professionals are learning more about its’ function, role, and importance with respect to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and lymphedema. Essentially, the lymphatic system works in conjunction with your cardiovascular system. A simple analogy to compare these systems can be explained as the arterial and venous systems operate as major highways to move and return blood to the heart, while the lymphatic vessels and nodes function as our waste removal system. One important difference of the lymphatic system is that it is movement dependent and can be facilitated with the use of proper gradient compression products.