Our Approach

About On-Site Therapy

Robert Lisson and Chuck Letchworth, co-owners of OnSite Therapy, have been friends and co-workers for over 20 years, first working together in a rehabilitation hospital as occupational therapists (OTs). The partners formed their LLC corporation in 2015 to strengthen their focus on business consulting services and related products.

As OT professionals, Robert and Chuck have personally worked on thousands of individuals to help heal work-related injuries and relieve muscular aches, swelling and fatigue. Over the years, they found that helping corporations help their employees was the best way to spread their message about proper workplace ergonomics, employee wellness and accident prevention.

What We Do

Now, OnSite professionals specialize in visiting companies of all sizes – including several of the Fortune 500 – to consult on a wide range of issues, including conducting physical demand analyses, teaching stretching techniques, recommending compression garments to relieve swelling and fatigue evaluation and management.  Our academic education in occupational therapy and ongoing certification training, combined with years of experience, provides the unique background to service clients in all areas of the corporate spectrum.  Unlike some consultants, who have business or engineering rather than medical training, we are able to apply our backgrounds in human anatomy to better manage treatment for all sorts of issues, including neurological, orthopedic and myofascial injuries and lymphedema throughout the body.

Our Expertise

Chuck is specially trained as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist, a rare designation that requires significant training, which enables him to effectively treat swelling before it results in potentially dangerous complications.
Robert is an occupational therapist and certified MODAPTS user, drawing on universally accepted time standards for evaluating physical job demands.  In addition to treating a wide variety of injuries and diagnoses, he has pioneered testing protocols in the occupational health field and has been published in NIOSH, the National Institute of Safety and Health.

Working together, the team has developed Fatigue Management Protocols to identify certain movement patterns as they relate to human anatomy and improve the health and wellness of employee populations.  We educate clients on abdominal breathing techniques, recommended movement patterns, effleurage massage techniques and effective muscle contraction sequences.    Our expert knowledge of proper gradient compression garments, adaptive equipment, orthotics, and other medical approaches provide a decided advantage in promoting employee wellness.