The need for maintaining a healthy and productive workforce has quickly elevated as priority for many employers across all industry segments. In conjunction with instituting universal precautions the question of; “How to maintain a worker’s health & wellness?” should now also come to the forefront. Prolonged standing and repetitive-motion are two specific work demands within many industries including Meat / Food Processing and Manufacturing.

The application of Anti-Fatigue Socks and Anti-Fatigue Arm Sleeves are two proven ergonomic solution to manage muscular fatigue and benefit worker health & wellness. In 2018 On Site Therapy, LLC launched its’ line of Occupational Compression Wear to improve circulation, improve muscle recovery, address worker fatigue, and injury prevention. Demonstrating an average of 90% reduction in reported worker fatigue, pain, and soreness, locations that have instituted our solutions have also reported decreased worker visits to Occupational Health.

Athletes have discovered benefits of using compression which can include enhanced muscle recovery by increased blood & lymphatic return, decrease risk of ligamentous injuries though added support around the joint, and decreased conditions resulting from fatigued muscles pulling on the tendons – Tendonitis.

Corporate Safety, Ergonomic, Health & Wellness, and Injury Prevention Programs all would benefit from offering a fatigue management solution to address worker endurance.  This is because the physicality of work, although submaximal can lead to fatigue, injury, and absenteeism. Typically performed within 8 to 12 hours shifts, scheduled intermittent rest breaks, and repeated 5 to 7 days per week, there is limited opportunity for muscle recovery.

OSHA.Gov – “Another problem related to standing for long periods of time is the “static load” placed on the legs and back. Circulation is reduced, blood pools, and localized fatigue increases the longer employees must stand. Muscles and tendons become more susceptible to strain as they become fatigued from prolonged standing.”

OSHA.Gov – “When motions are repeated frequently (e.g., every few seconds) for prolonged periods, such as several hours without any break or over an entire workshift, there may be inadequate time for muscles and tendons to recover. If the repetitive tasks also involve other ergonomic risk factors, muscles and tendons become extremely strained or fatigued more quickly.”

Founded by a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and an international leader in work analysis / injury prevention, On Site Therapy is proud to introduce the first line of compression wear, specifically designed to work AT WORK, our OST Power Arm Sleeves & Performance Socks. Contact us to discuss how the proper use of compression can help provide a viable fatigue management solution, improving the health and productivity of your workforce.