Industries with high rates of employee turnover recognize the challenges in finding qualified persons who can learn the skills, demonstrate physical abilities, and achieve employee retention. Each new employee is an investment of time and money to educate, train, and support the worker to the level of becoming a productive team member. An alternate perspective for industries with high rates of employee turnover may be to ask the following;

“How much does Fatigue – Soreness – Pain impact your employee turnover?”

Any athlete, or person, beginning a new fitness regime can attest that it is the first few days / weeks that can be both physically and psychologically grueling.  Failure to continue a new exercise program can be often attributed to an increase in fatigue, soreness, and fear of pain.

Exposure to Prolonged Standing and Repetitive-Motion are known workplace hazards within many industries, but these may have increased significance for new hires and aged workers who may experience the physicality similar to the athlete/person beginning a new fitness regime. The concept of managing worker fatigue is not a novel one, however, the application of Anti-Fatigue Socks and Anti-Fatigue Arm Sleeves has become recognized as a viable ergonomic solution.

In 2018 On Site Therapy, LLC launched its’ line of Occupational Compression Wear to improve circulation, improve muscle recovery, address worker fatigue, and injury prevention.  Designed by Occupational Therapists, Chuck Letchworth, Certified Lymphedema Therapist and Robert Lisson, expert in the field of Work Analysis and Ergonomics, the products have been validated across several industries.  Demonstrating an average of 90% reduction in reported worker fatigue, pain, and soreness. Our customers are seeing a 50% reduction in musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) claims and have reported a decreased employee turnover.